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Zero Energy House1

Question: Where is Bird Island?

Answer: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

A more important question: What the hell is this thing?

Answer: A zero energy house – on Bird Island.

Designed by architects at Graft Lab, a Berlin-based company intent on breaking the traditional barriers instilled in modern architecture, this sustainable house is about as “green” as you can get.

Built around a bamboo frame, the structures are wrapped in an eco-friendly silicone glass fabric that allows the buildings to sway with the wind.

In a sense, these are just giant technologically advanced tents.  The material reflects up to 50% of sunlight—and therefore does not absorb heat into the modular interiors—which can be seen in this picture (the marble-like blocks).

Erosion control and reduced topsoil disturbance during construction, plus the conservation of existing plant life, show just how far Graft went to make this a truly “green” house.  And in keeping with the eco-friendly theme, a Greywater recycling system (a process in which wastewater from laundry, dishwashing, and bathing can be reclaimed onsite) is incorporated.

This home was designed for the YTL Green Homes Competition, a contest that pitted eight international architecture firms in a challenge to create a home that generates zero harmful emissions to the environment.

It looks like Graft could be a winner – but would you want to live there? 

by John Barker

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Comments / Discussion

  1. Cheryl P. Miller
    This house is great!! I did home construction many years ago. Back then, the bulldozers went in and leveled all the trees and brush. The houses were built surrounded by bare dirt that had to be sodded and planted with small saplings. It took several years for the neighborhood to look established. Any construction that has little or no impact on the surrounding plant and animal life is amazing in itself. The fact that it also has a greywater system makes it even better. You bet I would live in this house, I love it!!!
    January 6, 2011 at 8:04 pm | Permalink
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