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Cool Homes: 7270

When it comes to a home, I think I’m like most of us: I want something that I can never have.  I want something that is not only functional, but also insanely unique, over-the-top comfortable, and just plain cool.  A home is a place where you’re going to spend most of your waking  time — so it should be something that you’re in love with, somewhere you look forward to being.   But, just to reiterate, it should be cool.

Take this home, for example; it’s sort of a combination of travel and destination:

The 727 Fuselage home is a recent addition to the Hotel Costa Verde in Costa Rica.  And while it looks like a pilot got lucky when crashing and managed to land in a tree, it is actually a full-fledged house with luxurious amenities, built into a 727 airplane.

The interior is paneled with Costa Rican teak.  Inside you’ll find a TV room, a kitchen, and two air-conditioned bedrooms (one with two queen-sized beds) with their own private bathrooms.  All of the furniture is made of hand-carved Indonesian teak.

Here’s a quick peek:

the entrance

the TV area

the master bedroom

And let’s not forget that the wings have been converted into comfortable porches.  Tell me you wouldn’t want to live in that?  Really?  Still having reservations?  Well, check out the view:

This sucker rents for between $400 to $500 per day, depending on the season.  If I had the money, my butt would be on a plane heading for this… um… plane first thing tomorrow morning!

All photos by Mr. Vincent Costello. (permission to use if photo credit is provided

by John Barker

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