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I’ve seen a lot of strange and disturbing things in my life.  And this is one of them:

 At first I thought I was looking at the torso of a department store mannequin.  The plastic/porcelain look of the hand threw me off, but then it  struck me as rather odd that the chest had been ripped in half and there was no head…

What we have here is actually a pillow designed for lonely people.  The fact that someone actually produces such a product makes me sad.  The fact that it is called the Boyfriend Pillow  makes me even sadder still.

Essentially this thing is an oversized partial torso for people who like sleeping with their head on their boyfriend’s chest—but don’t have a boyfriend to do this with.  The arm is 3 feet long, the shirt is removable and made of micro-fiber, the pillow is machine-washable, and I find it creepy as hell.

But you know what is even creepier?  The Moshi Girlfriend Pillow:


Yep.  They make one for lonely guys as well.  Just the ad copy alone weirds me out.  It’s obviously translated from Japanese.  Here’s a taste:

“If you can’t sleep unless you have some breast to support your head this is the right pillow for you.”

“Also this body pillow has 2 round shape cushions on the surface that gives you a breast-like sensation.”

Gah!  If I want something like this, I’ll hit the local adult toy store and get an inflatable version of the entire thing instead of a vivisected female torso.

These things are big sellers in Japan, by the way.  And surprisingly, at least to me, the reviews are quite positive.  Perhaps they’re just more comfortable than they look?  And at least they don’t snore or fart or pick fights.  Who needs a real boyfriend/girlfriend anyway? 

by John Barker

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