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Best Home Improvement Blogs2

Thank you FIY readers for the speaking up about your favorite blogs!  I wasted spent a lot of time this week clicking thr0ugh your suggestions . . . and here’s how it all stacked up:

(drumroll) . . . . The blog most likely to win a $25 Home Depot gift card from Fix It Yourself is undoubtedly. . . CasaCullen!  Congratulations, Morgan, Walt and Zola Belle!  You’ve got some loyal and adoring readers!


OK,  now I’ll admit that I am an absolute newbie at CasaCullen.  I’d somehow never landed there before, and I am soooo glad to know about them. 

Their daily posts are fun and informative; the DIY/How-to Guide is awesome.   I’m inspired by this project to change out the awful blinds in my kitchen, and by this project to fill in some of the empty spaces in my wall decor. 

DIY easy wall art - how to frame fabric

photo via CasaCullen

Besides the great content, I’ve got to say that I love how easy it is to flip through the pages at CC – love the “handwritten” comments, the detailed photos.  I guess if I”m going to trust a home style/home improvement blog , I’ve got to start by admiring the online design, and at CC, I do. 

But wait – don’t forget about the little doggy, AKA the hairy nerd, the tiny fur ball, the vicious guard dog.  What’s not to love?  I wonder what Morgan and Walt are going to do with their $25 gift card . . . hope they’ll let us know! 

OK, enough drooling over CasaCullen.  Two more reader-recommended blogs deserve a mention – and then, after you’ve read all the way to the end, I’ll announce the random commenter who will also win a $25 Home Depot gift card. 

The other blog that was nominated repeatedly is Life in the Prairie Box.   Last week, I mentioned how impressed I was that Di had removed 150 things from her house, and now I see she’s upped the ante for 2011:  2011 things to go. 

WOW.  I kinda want to play along, but I don’t know if I’ll have the guts or perseverance. Prairie Box is a great blog if you want help making your home calm and peaceful,  a place where fixing and self-reliance is possible.

photo via Life in a Prairie Box

I have one more blog I want to talk to about, but I’m going to make you wait until tomorrow.  But I will give you a clue:  this blog was only nominated once, but it’s been around for nearly 5 years, and I’ve been there before, and more people should know about it.  Check back tomorrow.

And now (another drumroll, please). . . .

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Comments / Discussion

  1. Leslie Tilley
    Love CasaCullen!!
    January 14, 2011 at 5:53 pm | Permalink
  2. Walt and Morgan Cullen
    We are THRILLED and beside ourselves right now! And have to say, we're in such good company with the other bloggie blogs! Thank you so much to the team over at Fix It Yourself...we are flattered, elated and can't wait to get our mitts on that $25 HD gift card! We'll surely update you on a DIY project we're able to tackle with your generous help! THANKS again and fans, readers and rock! Cheers - The Cullen Clan at
    January 15, 2011 at 10:37 am | Permalink
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