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Screw the Hook0

Let’s face it.  Screwing a hook into a wall is annoying.  If you use your fingers, it could end out crooked or not go far enough into the wood to do any good.  If you use pliers, you have to do the “open pliers, grab hook, turn, remove pliers, open pliers, grab hook, turn, repeat” until hook is secure – roughly a gazillion times.

You could avoid the whole thing by hanging pretty (but mostly useless)  hooks, like these

Or you could take a look at this little tool which makes the hook mounting process not only less annoying, but also quite easy:

This is the Hookdriv from New Tools,  a company known for designing innovative tools.

The idea behind this tool is simple enough: its design allows for pressure to be evenly distributed as you drive the hook into the wall, which greatly reduces the chances of a crooked or unstable mounting.

With a body made of nylon and fiberglass, the Hookdriv uses rubber inserts to firmly hold hooks that are locked into the tool via a small dial knob.  The same locking device can be used to hold various utility knives and saw blades as well, making this tool a nice little multi-tasker.

And for those of you FIYers who are color coordinated, the Hookdriv comes in red, green, blue, black, and yellow.

by John Barker

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