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Pizza Boss Pizza Cutter0

Looking for a manly way to slice your pizza?  A gift for the tool freak in your life? 

If so, the wacky folks at Fred & Friends  have just the thing for you! 

This is the Pizza Boss 3000 , and if it doesn’t look manly enough for ya, I don’t know what will.  Dressed up like a small circular saw, the Pizza Boss is all about precision when it comes to halving a piece of pepperoni or green pepper on the top of an extra large pie. 

This pizza cutter is built out of engineering-grade plastic, which means it’s stronger and can handle higher temperatures than commodity plastic (used for stuff like beverage containers and tape).  The stainless steel circular blade is laser-etched.  In short, this little cutter will make anybody (even me!) look like a carpenter – a kitchen carpenter, that is.  I don’t recommend this Boss for cutting actual lumber.

The blade has a removable shield to make for easy clean-up, plus it’s dishwasher safe.

I would venture to say that the Pizza Boss 3000 is safer than using a real circular saw to divvy up a large pepperoni and sausage.  You won’t need safety goggles, and  you won’t get sawdust in your pizza.  

Plus it’s kind of nice to not chop right through your dining room table when trying to serve dinner.

by John Barker

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