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Garden Gloves You’ll Actually Wear0

The garden is still deep under snow where I live, and another storm may be on the way. Still, I am dreaming up my first tasks for mud season.

I’m at the point in my life where the idea of a day of yard work sends me searching out the personal protective equipment (and a bottle of ibuprofen). The list looks like something off the Department of Labor’s OSHA website: heavy-weight Levi’s to fend off scratchy undergrowth,  foam knee pads to buffer bone against stone, long sleeves to minimize exposure to noxious weeds.

 And, of course, gloves.


It’s taken me a long time to find a good glove that fits right. Most gloves are too stiff or have bulky fingertips that get in the way. As a result, I spend more time in the yard with gloves off than on. That is - until I discovered Nitrile Touch Gloves by Atlas.  

The Touch Gloves are made of seamless, breathable knit fabric with a cuff that hugs your wrist, keeps out dirt, and protects the skin from scrapes and nicks. I like that. The tough nitrile coating guards against burrs, rocks, slug slime, and thorns – yet, it’s thin enough to allow you to tease out weeds from vegetable seedlings or safely hold onto a glass of chardonnay in your left hand as you deadhead petunias with your right.

While not the first choice for removing nasty brambles or pruning out the neighbor’s overzealous climbing rose from your prized rhododendron (the puncture proof  Atlas Fit Gloves are better suited for these jobs), the Touch Glove is tough, machine washable, and won’t break the bank.

Most important, it’s a glove that fits like, well you know.

by Ann D. Travers

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