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Bucket Love0

Hauling around a bucket of sand de-icing the driveway and sidewalks is really getting old right now. Winter has outworn its welcome around our house.   

But there’s one bucket I have no problem hauling around – my 5-gallon Bucket Boss® with tool organizer.

This beauty gives the passionate gardener a fighting chance of controlling those wayward tools that take on a life of their own around the yard. Trowels sprout legs and walk away. Pruners bury themselves under forsythia bushes. I’ve left many behind only to find them weeks later, forgotten castoffs in the garden.

Bucket Boss® is compact and portable, easily storing a variety of hand tools and accessories. It has more straps and loops than I know what to do with. One strap secures a mallet for pounding plant stakes. Narrow pockets hold snug small scissors, permanent markers, packets of peanut butter crackers, and utility knives. Larger pockets fit spools of twine, water bottles, bandannas, and gloves. And then there’s a security pocket with a Velcro flap for storing a cell phone.

But my favorite part is the lid that converts the bucket into a safe storage unit and seat

With a satisfying whoosh, that lid settles right down on the bucket locking in bulkier items like knee pads, slug bait, a sweatshirt, and spray bottle of insecticidal soap. You can swing it into the trunk of your car to go garden at your folks and not worry about losing the contents. You can take a load off and sit down on it to weed your garlic bed.

I’ve also heard it makes a great cooler for icing a six pack. I plan to check this out firsthand once it warms up enough to need a cooler for icing a six pack – maybe in 7 months or so….

by Ann D. Travers

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