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Monthly Archives: January 2011


Hey Homies, Apartment Therapy is looking for the best new shelter blogs to celebrate with a Homie Award.  

Most Expensive House in Brooklyn0

If you happen to have a spare $25 million burning a hole in your pocket,  take a look at this triplex penthouse that overlooks the Brooklyn Bridge:

Screw the Hook0

Let’s face it.  Screwing a hook into a wall is annoying.  If you use your fingers, it could end out crooked or not go far enough into the wood to do any good.  If you use pliers, you have to do the “open pliers, grab hook, turn, remove pliers, open pliers, grab hook, turn, repeat” [...]

Bathroom Rug Scale0

I have quite a small bathroom.  As a result, I don’t have a scale.  As a result, I never make New Year’s Resolutions about losing weight.  Lucky me. 

One More Best Home Improvement Blog0

Even though this blog was only mentioned once in our reader poll of favorites,  I recommend you take a peek at Home Restoration, a reader blog at   Started by Joe Keegan in 2006,  Home Restoration charts the slow and steady renovation of a 1883 Shingle Style home. 

Best Home Improvement Blogs2

Thank you FIY readers for the speaking up about your favorite blogs!  I wasted spent a lot of time this week clicking thr0ugh your suggestions . . . and here’s how it all stacked up: (drumroll) . . . . The blog most likely to win a $25 Home Depot gift card from Fix It Yourself is [...]

How to Hang a Decorative Hook Set0

In my world, hooks do one of three things – ruin a golf shot, catch a fish, or have something hung on them, like a coat, a belt, or a reciprocating saw on a pegboard. Of course, my world isn’t usually the one that counts. For example, in the world of the aesthetic powers-that-be in [...]

Tool Tip: Prybar0

  Sure, it’s just a piece of steel, bent a certain way, with holes in just the right places. But a good prybar saves time (and the claw of your hammer) on any demolition job, and it should be a staple for any do-it-yourselfer.

Don’t Miss Our Giveaway1

You have until Friday at 9AM to tell us about your favorite home improvement blog.  We’re giving away a $25 Home Depot gift card to the blog writer who is mentioned most often and another $25 Home Depot gift card to one commenter who will be chosen randomly.    Besides us, where on the web do you go for [...]

Tools Then and Now: Soldering Iron1

Many tools, such as the jigsaw and the engraver, that have changed significantly over the years due to the development of new technology.  But sometimes you find a tool that was pretty much fully developed from its creation. Take the soldering iron, for example: 

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