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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Shop Lights: Inexpensive Grow Lights0

This is the start of seedling season. And most backyard garden annuals and vegetables are easy enough to propagate indoors under florescent shop lights. Nothing high-tech here. Just a set of good old shop lights with two standard 40-watt fluorescent bulbs to assure enough light intensity for the seedlings to grow.

Driveway Ice – What’s the Best Weapon?0 This winter has proven time and again to be no day at the beach. And that’s despite plenty of time spent with sand and shovels. But I’m not talking about tropical beaches with warm breezes, salt air, and sunshine. I’m talking ice, ice, and more ice.

House in the Hill0

Those of you familiar with The Lord of the Rings  (films or novels) probably hold a special place in your hearts for Hobbiton, a small town in The Shire.  I know I do.  How can you not fall in love with a town that is so ecologically in tune with the world that it builds [...]

Caulk: Anti-Aging Treatment for Your Home1

  The walls of our 19th Century Victorian are structurally sound. But with age, cracks on wallboard and gaps in wood trim appear like crow’s feet and laugh lines. A quick and easy remedy for these surface blemishes is Alex Plus® Acrylic Latex Caulk Plus Silicone by DAP®.

Kitchen Gadgets on the Cheap0

I like kitchen gadgets as much as the next gal, or guy, but there’s a limit. Convenience, utility and cost are the three foremost considerations for what makes it into my kitchen. When you come right down to it, I have my half dozen tried and true favorite utensils that I use regularly. They’re the [...]

Internet Tools: How To Build a Greenhouse0

I love gardening—even though my thumb is more gray than green.  As I cook quite a bit, I tend to grow plants that I can eat, such as basil, rosemary, cilantro, and green onion.*  I’ve tried tomatoes . . .no luck there. I’m looking to expand the size of my little garden—and a greenhouse would [...]

Stick It! Best Wood Glue Ever0

Dealing with dry winter air can be tough, especially around the house. Chapped lips, dry skin and increased levels of static electricity come to mind as common complaints. But dry indoor air can also cause damage to the wood in floors, furniture, and household items like cutting boards and collapsible clothes drying racks.  

Jenga House0

  Most of us have played Jenga.  If you’re not familiar with it, the rules are quite simple.  You start with a tower made of wooden blocks.  On each turn, a player has to remove a block from somewhere in the tower and replace it on the top of the tower.  The first person to tip [...]

Winter Home Improvement for Birds0

Assisting the backyard bird population in surviving the elements during the colder months is an enjoyable winter pastime. Placing feeders close to the house allows for easy viewing. But according to the National Audubon Society bird baths attract more birds to the backyard than feeders.

Tool Tip: Tape Measure0

I know. You’re thinking – really? A tip about a measuring tape? What wisdom is there to dispense – how to press the little red button so it comes back in?

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