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Plaster Repair0

Diana read our post about How Cement is Made and posted the following question in the Comments:

So how do I fix an interior wall crack, under the plaster and paint, that is about 1/16 inch wide, off center from the above portion by about the same, and narrows to disappearing? Any suggestions REALLY appreciated.

FIY writer Sandra Simmons has the following advice:

First, investigate for any underlying problems and resolve them before fixing the crack. 

Interior plaster is given to superficial hairlines and small cracks–cosmetic cracks that can be repaired as follows:

  1. Scrape off loose/broken plaster with a putty knife until the surface is flat and wide enough to allow reinforcing mesh tape (roughly 2-inches wide) to stick securely along its entire length without ripples.  If your plaster has a design in it, you’ll scrape off the textured areas and sand a bit to smooth.
  2. Clean off plaster particles with a clean rag and ammonia.  Let it dry.
  3. Cover the length of the crack with self-adhesive plastic mesh tape.  If the crack dog-legs, use individual strips angled to follow the crack.
  4. Smooth on non-shrinking patching plaster, following the manufacturer’s application directions and recommendations for number of coats and drying time. A water-based product may recommend dampening the surrounding plaster with water before application with a wide putty knife.  Feather the edges outside the mesh tape so the repair’s edges are invisible.  Light sanding may be required.
  5. Retool any patterned plaster.  Check with your home improvement store for confirmation that the patching plaster will hold a design and for advice on patterning tools.
  6. Repaint.

Any other ideas for Diana? 

If anybody has done this repair and has tips or tricks for Diana, tell us about them in the comments below.

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