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Tool Tip: Jigsaw0

My oldest daughter is quite the jigsaw puzzle fanatic – so with the basic saw above, if I ever get the urge to make one, I’m all set.

Truthfully, that would be one of few times this saw comes out of my tool closet. Specially built for cutting curves and odd shapes with a vertically reciprocating blade at high speed, it’s not something I use often – though it did come in handy recently when I needed to replace the rounded arms of an Adirondack chair.

Like many hand-held saws, variable speed is important, and a cordless model would give you a lot more freedom of motion than I get with this one. The plate should be adjustable, usually to 45 degrees, so you can cut your curves on an angle if you need to… again, a function I never though I’d need, until I realized a curve cut on an angle is how my Adirondack chairs got their signature backward lean.

Serious woodworkers would want the more precise scroll saw or band saw. But for basic curves where precision isn’t paramount, a jigsaw’s handy – and hey, it’s got a puzzle named after it.

by Steve MacDonald

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