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Bed Sheets that Make the World a Better Place0

I’m not sure why would want to, but if you’d like to simulate the experience of sleeping on pavement like a homeless person—all the while snuggled comfortably in your nice, warm bed – we’ve got the answer. 

These realistic duvet and mattress covers were created by SNURK Beddengoed, a bedding designer in the Netherlands. Their bedding line started with the pavement and cardboard box designs and grew to include the dirtly laundry series and the sheet that makes the mattress look like it has no sheet.   These rather odd patterns are not only creative, but also serve a purpose: 40% of the proceeds go to the Foundation for Dutch Homeless Youngsters.  In the UK,  a percentage goes to Emmaus.  In Germany, a percentage goes to Off Road Kids, an organization dedicated to helping runaway children.  And in Denmark, funds are donated to the Udenfor Foundation — another agency devoted to helping the homeless.

The marketing slogan for these sheets and covers is “Sleep on the street so a homeless youngster doesn’t have to.”  OK – now I know why you’d want to have a fake homelessness experience.

These products are manufactured in Pakistan.  Most of the sheets are made of 144 cotton yarns per square inch (though some go as high as 200).  Non-toxic chemicals are used in the manufacturing process to reduce environmental impact.  The SNURK folks insist that no child labor is used in their factory. 

For 37,95 € (about $50 U.S.), you can sleep comfortably on “the street” while helping someone else who might not have to. 

by John Barker

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