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Stick It! Best Wood Glue Ever0

Dealing with dry winter air can be tough, especially around the house. Chapped lips, dry skin and increased levels of static electricity come to mind as common complaints. But dry indoor air can also cause damage to the wood in floors, furniture, and household items like cutting boards and collapsible clothes drying racks.


Wood flooring that’s normally tight can loosen and chip creating gaps large enough to swallow dropped coins. The joints in wooden furniture can loosen resulting in structural problems. Cutting boards can split between laminated pieces and wooden drying racks can pop a dowel.

Solution:  Titebond® III Ultimate Wood Glue

Titebond® III is a non-toxic, water-resistant wood glue that allows for longer assembly time (the period of time between applying and bonding) and tolerates lower application temperatures (great for furniture repair projects in a cool basement or garage). Plus it’s FDA approved for the indirect food contact you get when using cutting boards.

Fine Woodworking (July/August 2007) gave Titebond® III accolades calling it “the best overall” woodworking glue. It proved to have the strongest joint strength across a variety of woods — open-grained, tight-grained, and dense tropical hardwood – while being easy to use and affordable.

And for those who enjoy a little play on words, Titebond® III is an oxymoron of a glue — it’s a waterproof glue that cleans up in water.

text and photo by Ann D. Travers

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