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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Leatherman Adapta-Tool0

It’s hard to believe that there is yet another way to add a tool to a Leatherman®.  I mean, look at that thing!  It’s straight out of a James Bond movie.

Can You Fix This?2

Admittedly, I am not the handiest FixItYourself-er.  As a result, fix-it projects at my house take a long time.  This past weekend, I got a burst of  motivation.  After all, a long-put-off -home-improvement project is still better than taxes.  And, the in-laws are coming to visit next week.  But, it didn’t take very long before we got [...]

GIVEAWAY: Your Favorite Tool Blog54

We like tools. A lot. And you probably like tools, too. Right? 

Cast Iron Cookware0

   I grew up on cast iron cooking. I can remember my parents picking up a great Dutch oven at a farm sale shortly after we moved to eastern Kansas in the mid-1960s. That Dutch oven cooked up the best spaghetti sauce and stews.

Internet Tools: How to Build a Concrete Bench0

  Concrete benches may not be the most comfortable to sit on, but they are practical.  Get one in your yard and you’re good the long haul – no real maintenance required and you’ll have years of sitting.    But are concrete benches a DIY project? 


  Turf Scientist Jim Baird of the University of California at Riverside is attempting to bioengineer a type of grass that needs less water to proliferate.

Beadboard Paneling2

    I love beadboard. We’ve used it in a number of room renovations around the house including the bathroom, master bedroom and upstairs hallway. It’s a relatively quick way to cover a multitude of evils. And the end result is a nicely finished wall.

A Garden Tool That Works!0

Shoveling dirt is hard work, and while I don’t mind hard work, I confess that I am not opposed to finding ways of  making difficult jobs a bit more pleasant.  I’m guilty of trying the occasional shortcut, which usually fails miserably—and teaches me a lesson in the process.  But I’m also an advocate of trying [...]

Free Pallet Wood0

The frugal woodworker has a keen eye for wood sources. If you are heading out for a Sunday drive, don’t pass by a stack of wood with “Free” next to it. Many times we’ve loaded up the trunk with scraps of pine bark slabs that make great rustic birdhouses. A heap of old cedar fence [...]

Home Improvement from Ivekt0

I don’t know exactly how to start this article.  I suppose I’ll give you my perspective straight up:  There’s a crazy guy from Moldova (Not Russia!  He makes sure you know that!) who has a series of short videos on  YouTube  about various home maintenance and improvement.  The guy’s name is Ivekt, and his lessons are titled “Domestic Home Hint.”   Is [...]

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