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Tool Tip: Wet Tile Saw0

Buy, rent, or borrow, but get a wet tile saw if you need to cut ceramic, glass, concrete, or stone! 

For our floor, I designed the pattern and cut the ceramic tiles, but I could not have cut that many square feet of tile without the electric wet saw!  My hands would have been crippled if I had used a hand cutter. 

 The saw is a favorite, because I also use it to cut pavers for garden paths, thick terracotta tiles for the fireplace stoop, bricks — even a glass wine bottle for a vase.  Versatile!

An electric wet saw rests on a stand or flat surface with the water reservoir below.  A hose and pump stream water from the reservoir over the blade to prevent overheating.  Water must be replaced frequently, because it fills with particles of ceramic glaze and/or baked clay.  Safety glasses/masks are required, as is working outside so the muddy overspray lands on me and the grass versus the workshop.  Plan on shampooing and showering after each use! 

Two additional fences hold the tiles for square or diagonal cuts. Our model cuts anything up to a 13-inch square tile or a standard brick.  Anything larger/thicker is blocked by the water pump.  Rats!  Can’t have everything, but it’s a start!

text and photo by Sandra Simmons

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