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The Shaft House in Toronto0

I don’t know if I could handle living in this:

Designed by Reza Aliabadi, this home in Toronto, Canada is known as the Shaft House.  With a width of 20 feet, this narrow dwelling makes the most out of its size.  Fourteen hundred square feet of interior is divided over  2.5 stories, which is just enough space for two people; I suspect a family of four would be quite cramped.

With an exterior constructed of untreated wood, recycled steel, and aluminum siding, the eco-friendly Shaft House went on the market in 2010 for $699,000 Canadian ($708,298.12 USD at the time of this writing).

Each floor is offset from the one previous which creates an open-air feeling to the home and allows the floors on either side to overlook each other.  This also allows light to travel farther throughout each floor.

The unique lighting design is one of the most interesting facets of this house.  Built around a central shaft (hence the name) that harnesses natural light, most of the home’s lighting comes from this area.

While a little too claustrophobic for my tastes, I can definitely see the appeal of this design for a young couple who wants something stylish and interesting.  I like a little more elbow room than the micro-space between the Shaft House and the homes on either side—though I suppose it would be a good thing if you needed to borrow a cup of sugar from the neighbor.

by John Barker

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