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Rapid Reel Garden Hose0

Is it just my opinion, or do plastic garden hose reels really suck? 

I’ve had several of these devices, each one of a different design because I was unhappy with the previous model.  The wall-mounted reels tend to be flimsy, cracking in various areas not long after mounting.  The reels on wheels love to tip over—and also suffer from a limited life span.

The ELEY Corporation, a family-owned garden hose and accessories manufacturer, has come up with a solution.  They call it the Rapid Reel.

This garden hose reel sports a 10-year guarantee stating that it won’t break, leak, or rust.  The model shown above (1041-GH) can be mounted to the wall in two different ways: parallel (above), and perpendicular (below).

Stainless steel fasteners and brass fittings are used to construct the powder-coated thick cast aluminum parts into a garden hose reel that will easily outlast any plastic model out there.

This video demonstrates some of the unique features offered by the Rapid Reel:

Other mounting platforms, such as a freestanding base and a wheeled cart with handles, are also available for the Rapid Reel.

Prices range from $119 to $179.  It still may be tempting to go for the lower cost alternative, but if your experience with plastic reels is anything like mine (i.e. getting about one year of use before the thing starts cracking and eventually falls apart), the Rapid Reel could actually save you money in the long run.  I know that each time I walk into a hardware store, I end up buying more than I intended (usually stupid crap like a flashlight or some tool that’s on sale).  Just think of how much money you’d save if you didn’t have to make that annual trip the store for a new hose! 

Do any of you own a Rapid Reel?  If so, drop us an email with some comments!

by John Barker

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