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When the Basement Floods0



We’ve been lucky when it comes to basement flooding. I have a friend who lives at the base of a hill that’s full of ledge rock resulting in  rivers of runoff water in her basement.  She’s ended up with members of the local volunteer fire department pumping out her basement on more than one occasion.

Fortunately, we have this handy accessory that turns our 16-gallon shop vac into a pump and pretty much handles all our pumping needs.

Designed for indoor use and pumping clear water, it works well for vacuuming up the occasional basement flooding we get. And by securely attaching a garden hose to the pump you can get the water out of your basement without lugging it out in heavy buckets. It’s affordable and as long as it’s used only on jobs for which it was designed, it works great.

This year, our luck will be tested.  Right now we have well over 4 feet of iced snow in our front yard poised at the foundation of our house. Hundreds of pounds will eventually melt, seep down along the field stone walls, and make its way inside our house. We’re anticipating a busy spring in the basement.

text and photo by Ann D. Travers

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