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Handmade Cutting Boards0

Being married to a woodworker for nearly 25 years now has reaped me countless rewards around the house. But none is finer than my collection of cutting boards.


What started out as a hobby during Boy Scout years has culminated in what would easily qualify as a cottage industry, with enough cutting boards to meet all the culinary needs of family and friends across the decades.

Thick 8” x 8” laminated blocks of figured cherry with a routed drip channel to catch the juices from roasts. Long narrow baguette boards of spalted maple, the dark veins etched into the wood like abstract India Ink drawings. Thin rectangle slabs of dark exotic hardwoods with the density of stone to serve cheese on. All sanded satiny smooth by the rotary sander then touched up by hand with fine grit sandpaper.

It’s worth picking up a bottle of food-safe wood oil to rejuvenate and polish your boards every now and then. Vegetable oil works too in a pinch. It’s amazing to see the wood grains emerge as good as new with a quick application.

But with all the fine exotic wood cutting boards my husband’s made over the years, my favorite one is a 14” x 8 1/2” x 1” maple and walnut laminated board reinforced with three dowel pegs that he made in the late 70s. Worn smooth at the corners and crosshatched with knife marks, it’s still my #1 go-to board in the kitchen even after all these years.

Do you have a favorite cutting board?  Or a special handmade kitchen tool you can’t live without?  Tell me in the comments below.   

text and photos by Ann D. Travers

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