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Get Your Goo Gone0

My husband’s favorite cleaning agent has a citrusy smell that wafts upstairs from his basement workroom, and when I get a whiff, I know another sticky situation has come and gone.  He uses it habitually, a panacea for all basement ills.

Goo Gone® is an oil-based solvent designed to remove sticky, greasy, gummy substances from a variety of surfaces. According to my husband, it’s a winner for removing asphalt from putty knives after the annual driveway resurfacing project. It’s great for removing tree sap from hand saws and fingers too. Then there are those pesky price tags on new tools that don’t come off well with anything but Goo Gone®.

Hearing such rave reviews from the basement and beyond, I decided to give it a try myself. Yes, price tag removal worked well. Peeling off shreds of these stickers is frustrating and can leave a gummy residue. Goo Gone® readily dissolved its way through sticker and residue leaving a clean surface below.

Cutting through layers of candle wax on glass votives was a bit tougher and involved a little more elbow grease. But it, too,  succumbed to the powers of this solvent leaving behind a clean, shiny surface.

And it ate up black scuff marks from wood floors like nobody’s business.

Goo Gone® is not safe for use on all surfaces or materials and the company makes this clear on their label and website.

But it does a good enough job un-gooing and un-sticking  pesky situations  around the house to keep a bottle handy – somewhere halfway between the basement and main floor of the house for easy reach by all household occupants.

photos and text by Ann D. Travers

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