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Home Improvement

Home Improvement from Ivekt0

I don’t know exactly how to start this article. 

I suppose I’ll give you my perspective straight up:  There’s a crazy guy from Moldova (Not Russia!  He makes sure you know that!) who has a series of short videos on  YouTube  about various home maintenance and improvement.  The guy’s name is Ivekt, and his lessons are titled “Domestic Home Hint.”   Is he crazy?  Possibly.  But do I like this guy?  Hell, yeah I like this guy!

Why do I think he’s crazy?

Let’s just put it this way:  using a sword to kill a bug is a bit out there in my book, but I have to admit that it would be fun.  Don’t believe me?  Here—take a look:

I once used a sword to chop up an algebra book (Yeah, yeah,  I’m against destroying any book—but that damn class was the bane of my existence in college), so I know the entertainment that can be had by hacking something up—though bugs are a bit tiny.   I think I’d probably miss, anyway.

Here’s another example of Ivekt’s home maintenance advice:

The main thing I got out of this video is: Don’t break into this guy’s house; he’ll shoot a missile at you.

But he is correct: cola (particularly a certain brand that starts with a “C”) will eat through all sorts of stuff, including rust – and tooth enamel.

Then there’s this little tidbit concerning duct tape:

Ivekt also offers advice in other areas, such as health and technology.  With his broken English, “weapon of the day,” and cheery nature, the guy is extremely likeable.

I’m just not sure how safe his hints are . . .

by John Barker

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