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A Garden Tool That Works!0

Shoveling dirt is hard work, and while I don’t mind hard work, I confess that I am not opposed to finding ways of  making difficult jobs a bit more pleasant.  I’m guilty of trying the occasional shortcut, which usually fails miserably—and teaches me a lesson in the process.  But I’m also an advocate of trying out new tools, such as  ToolStep—also fondly known as the TrenchFoot:

 This line from the ad copy is one of the smarter things I read in recent years:

“Let’s face it; the ball of your foot was not made to drive pressure into a thin edge of metal.”


The ToolStep is one of those things that falls into the category of “I can’t believe I didn’t come up with this myself. ” It’s simple to use—just slide it down the handle of your shovel (or fork or spade) and go to work.  It’s bright yellow, so you won’t lose it in the dirt, and the non-stick footpad should keep you on top of the shovel blade.   

And the price won’t have you digging deep into your wallet: only $9.95.  If you’ve got any big gardening projects coming up, buy yourself a present – a shortcut that actually makes the job easier.  

by John Barker 

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