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Internet Tools: How to Build a Concrete Bench0

File:Łańcut palace - bench in Rose Garden.jpg


Concrete benches may not be the most comfortable to sit on, but they are practical.  Get one in your yard and you’re good the long haul – no real maintenance required and you’ll have years of sitting.   

But are concrete benches a DIY project? 

There are numerous resources on the Internet to help the FIYer who is determined to cut through the mystery of constructing a concrete bench. 

Here are just a few:

About Benches: This site is all about benches – including concrete benches. Their article includes a small diagram with measurements, along with basic instructions and links on where to get materials such as molds and ready-to-mix concrete.  Links to other concrete bench building instructions are also provided—making this page a good starting point.

BuildEazy: It’s hard to imagine a more detailed look at how to construct a concrete bench.  Multiple pages include detailed instructions, images, plans, and a list of building materials.

E-How: If you’re like me and you  need to see a demonstration of how something is done in order to feel confident in moving forward, the E-How’s video series has your name written all over it!  Divided into seven parts, this series provides step-by-step instructions on cement bench construction in a concise, detailed manner.  Very helpful!

So, now I know that building a concrete bench clearly CAN be done, but I think I may just stick to modeling clay for a while . . .

And if you’re interested in knowing where concrete comes from, check out this earlier article on Fix It Yourself.

Concrete garden bench photo by Wojciech Muła

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