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The Real UP House0


Anyone who has seen the Disney/Pixar film  UP  knows about Carl Fredricksen’s amazing flying house.  Using hundreds of balloons, the old guy manages to fly across the world and get into all sorts of amazing adventures.

But can it be done in reality?



That’s a lot of balloons.  I don’t know that there are enough to lift a house, but they could probably do this:

As fun as that looks, I think I’d be scared to death.  Maybe it would be like that first roller coaster ride…

Regardless, I would be careful if I were this guy:

Imagine being stuck on the roof if this experiment launched prematurely.  It would be terrifying.  And he wouldn’t even be able to knock on the front door like the chubby Boy Scout in the movie.

But here’s what blows my mind: the experiment worked.

Designed for How Hard Can it Be?, an upcoming series on the National Geographic Channel,  this 16 X 16-foot, 18-foot tall house was rigged with 300 8-foot balloons in an attempt to mimic the feat displayed in the film.

And thanks to the efforts of a team of engineers, scientists, and some extremely talented balloon pilots, the house tooled about in the air for over an hour and reached an altitude of over 10,000 feet!

But how did it land? Hopefully it was in a nice neighborhood . . .

text by John Barker

photos via  National Geographic Channel

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