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Baby Monitors0

We all know how important it is to keep an eye on babies. 

After all, we don’t want them creeping out of their rooms and eating our brains.

Oh, wait.  That would be zombies.  My mistake.  To me they look quite similar.  Drooling.  Slow-moving.  Scary.

Integrated Systems out of Tarzana, California has devised a new baby monitoring system method that is somewhat old school—yet makes sense.  And would work on zombies as well as it works on babies.

Instead of utilizing web-based digital cameras (which are currently the standard), the company has gone back to older style analog cameras with IR (infrared) capability, which is vastly superior to web-cams.  In other words, you can see little baby Billy much better in a pitch-black room when using the older analog technology.

The image from the camera is transferred via co-ax cable from analog to digital converter that translates the image so that it can be viewed on multiple sources, such as a computer, television, or cellular phone.

Audio is provided via a telephone line.  Users need only shift the other phone stations in the house to intercom in order to hear audio from the baby’s room.

The monitoringsystem is combined with a Somfy wireless motorized system on a timer that can close the blinds during the day so baby Billy can catch a little nap.

Of course, none of this would be necessary if little baby Billy was like me as an infant.  I slept with a light on—probably because of the zombies.

by John Barker

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