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Trash Bucket Cubby0


Storage inside and out of our 19th Century Victorian has always been an issue. Closets are scarce (one of our girls’ rooms doesn’t even have one) and outdoor storage is limited on our narrow lot of  just under an acre. As a result, we utilize spaces to their fullest potential and create storage by reconfiguring existing, underused structures whenver we can.

Convenient storage of trash and recycling receptacles can be tough. Add to that the desire to keep them out of sight and you’ve got yourself quite a project. Just ask my husband.

There’s a side entrance to our house that used to have a long narrow porch with the door located halfway down the side of the house. The 6 feet beyond the door was empty since it was not easy to get around the doorway and over to that end of the porch.

Because we never used the end of the porch, my husband came up with the idea of taking off the floorboards and installing a cubby to hold the trash and recycling buckets. He framed in the space with 2 x 4s and mounted a piece of exterior plywood with asphalt shingles. The space is now a functional storage cubby for our buckets.

text and photo by Ann D. Travers

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