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Dremel Trio0


As a tool, the Dremel  is a mainstay for a wide variety of hobbies, as well as a versatile instrument for use in home improvement.  Hell, I used mine for a variety of jobs when I renovated my kitchen—from cutting notches in Pergo  to sanding the edges of door frames.

Every household should have a Dremel on hand to perform those little jobs that don’t call for a full-on Skilsaw.

While not as versatile as the standard Dremel tool, the Dremel Trio has a lot to offer.


Unlike other Dremels, this one  is designed with a specific purpose: to make quick plunge cuts without requiring a ton of space in the workplace.  Utilizing a round pin that spins at 10,000 – 20,000 RPM, this handheld router allows the user to start a cut at any point instead of having to start at an edge.  Using a pin instead of a blade also allows for multi-directional cuts without having to turn the tool itself.


The handle can be angled straight up or at a 90-degree angle, making the Trio quite handy for working in smaller spaces.  A built-in dust removal port keeps the work area clear, and there’s even a telescoping foot that allows for accurate control of cutting depth.


Various attachments, including grit sanding bands and cutting guides are available—though it should be noted that regular Dremel accessories will not work with the Trio.  This tool is a  a uni-tasker, unlike most other Dremels manufactured by this company. 

But when it comes to making precision cuts, the innovative use of a pin instead of a blade places the Trio “a cut above” other tools of this type.

Feel free to leave a comment below about my terrible pun.   Or, share the last lame joke you heard.  Come on – I dare ya!

by John Barker

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