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A Second Chance for Building Materials0

A movement to deconstruct and reuse building materialts has been a growing trend  for almost 20 years now.  It’s saved thousands of tons of building scraps from being  dumped into landfills. What was once considered the cheapskate’s way of renovating has become a way of doing business in the residential and commercial building industries.


Building professionals are aware of the cost-saving and environmental benefits of materials reuse. And in some parts of the country, new building codes have been adopted making reuse the law. Builders must salvage materials and use them in renovations or building projects. If salvaged materials can’t be reused, they can be processed and turned into new materials.

Retail reuse stores are great sources of recycled materials for building and renovation projects. They stock donated and reclaimed building materials making them available to consumers for purchase. Homeowners can shop from an extensive list of materials — doors, windows, bricks, sinks, bathtubs, lighting fixtures, construction grade lumber, and barn board. These stores often have lots of vintage items too, like art deco light sconces and claw foot bathtubs.

So plan ahead with your next renovation project and design with reuse building practices in mind. It’s a great way to build green.


 text by Ann D. Travers

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