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Internet Tools: How to Build a Fence0


I like walking around naked. 

Bad mental image?   If you’ve seen pictures of me,  you know what a scary idea that is. 

But don’t worry, I have a privacy fence.  Without it, my neighbors would not still be talking to me or maintaing eye contact.    

If you’re a nudist like me, yet don’t have a fence, it may be time to build one.  And the plans are out there for the taking—so I’m gonna save you some time looking for them.  After all, you need to walk around naked in your backyard as soon as possible, right?

BuildEazy: This site is a great place to start.  Though a bit basic, you’ll find a list of materials, a few diagrams, and some decent instructions.  However, if you’re looking for images to help in the process of building a fence, you may want to look elsewhere.

The Family Handyman: Initially,  it looks like this site offers nothing.  But when you click on the Step-By-Step button, you’ll open up a wealth of great information.  I’m particularly fond of the “removable panel” tip.  But the materials list is . . . well, it’s crap.  It lists two items: stake and string.  Um, where are all of the boards, nails, shovels, and such?  If I could make an entire fence with stakes and string, I’d be a happy man.

Popular Mechanics:   If you’re ready to tackle a gated, high-end fence, this is the site for you.  A detailed list of materials, a breakdown of wood types, and multiple images accompany step-by-step instructions on how to build a very nice looking yard enclosure. 

There ya go!  With a little work, you’ll be ready to frolic naked in your backyard without worry.  Unless you have a really tall neighbor. . . .

Have you entered our nudist crafty contest yet?  Don’t miss out! 

text by John Barker


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