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A Waterproof TV0

Some people enjoy just floating around in the pool with no interruptions, nothing but the gentle lapping of the water against their skin, a frosty beverage in hand, and silence.

I’m not one of those people. 

 Of course, I enjoy the peacefulness inherent in drifting around the pool.  And of course, I enjoy a frosty beverage.  But I also like some noise.  Always have.  I could never study in a library—but a loud cafeteria or bar worked great.

So—now that I live in a house with a pool, I’m thinking about the Sunbrite Outdoor All-Weather HDTV  is something I may want to look into.

These high-def televisions are totally enclosed and waterproof —and therefore rain-proof and dust-proof.  The waterproofing is not just for the screen, but also for the speakers, remote control, and electrical cable.

Dual fans keep the unit from melting in heat up to 122° Fahrenheit.  Since we live in Florida, this is a good thing.  But the Sunbrite isn’t just designed for tropical weather.  It also contains a heater that will keep it safe in temperatures as chilly as –24 Fahrenheit.

Each Sunbrite LCD comes with a table stand;  a wall mount and a stainless steel pole for mountin to a deck  is also available separately.

But waterproof TV isn’t the cheapest thing in the world.  While older models are less expensive, at the time of this writing, the current version is just shy of $2500.  And that’s for the 32-inch model. 

Until I move into a new tax bracket, I may just have to float in the pool and stare through the sliding doors at the television.  Perhaps I’ll take lip-reading lessons.

by John Barker

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