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Gardening with Native Plants0

There has been renewed interest recently in including native plants in the home garden landscape. Native plants are typically considered to be those that were found naturally growing in a region as far back as pre-Colonial times.

Generally plants that are native to a region are well-adapted to the climate, vigorous, and typically low-maintenance. Therefore, they’re great for the inexperienced gardener.  Gardners of all skill levels can get creative with design, for example, by using native plants exclusively in a woodland landscape.

There are native plant societies all over the country. A quick online search will get you in touch with the one closest to you. These societies provide conservation information, native plant lists, and local events like plant sales and speaker engagements. They’re a great resource for native plant information and can help you plan which plantings to include in your yard.

Yes, it’s true native plant varieties are often less showy and possess a quieter color palette than other plants. But it can certainly be more cost effective to purchase plants with proven performance records for your growing region rather than sink in money on fussy perennials that could end up pouting in your yard. Or those flashy annuals that get tossed on the compost heap at the end of the season.

 text and photos by Ann D. Travers

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