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Remote Controlled Drink Float0

Have you ever been floating around in your pool, sipping on a nice cocktail, enjoying the calm flow of the water—and then noticed that your cocktail is empty?

If you’re lucky,  somebody out of the water will be available to refresh your beverage, thus allowing you to continue your soothing float uninterrupted.  But sometimes that luck just isn’t there.

This little gadget could very well save you a trip out of the pool.

The Remote Control Drink Float doesn’t actually make your frosty beverage—but it can hold it (and four others just like it).  When you need a refill, simply use the remote control to steer the drink float right over to you.  The remote (powered by one 9-volt battery) has a 25-foot range, so you can be enjoying the deep end of the pool while it floats around in the shallows.  It’s sort of like a little robot waiter that doesn’t require a tip.

The drink sizes are limited to 12-ounces each, so don’t be thinking you can put one of those fruit-filled fishbowl tequila drinks on this thing . . . though maybe that’s an improvement we can lobby for.

There’s also a section in the middle of the drink float for 16 ounces of delicious snacks; goldfish crackers come to mind.

I wonder how stable this little device is.  To me it looks a bit top heavy—though the 6 D-batteries needed to propel the drink float may act as a counterbalance.  That’s a lot of weight in batteries.

But beware of that one friend who likes to do cannonballs into the pool.  Something tells me that this little sucker would capsize like a party boat hit by a tsunami.  Better start drinking fast!

by John Barker

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