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Internet Tools: How to Build an Arbor0

Arbors are a great way to add a level of sophistication to any household exterior.  A decorative arbor allows for vines, hanging plants, unique lighting schemes, and other festive arrangements that simply would not be available otherwise.

But how do you build one? 

These suckers can be quite large—and therefore very heavy (I had one fall on my head once, so I should know.)

But never fear –  the Internet offers a number of sites dedicated to the FIYer who wants to tackle the job of constructing his/her own arbor.  Here are  a few of my favorite:

HGTV:   Sporting a materials list and numerous photos, this site provides a good walkthrough on how to build an arbor.  The photos suffer a bit due to size constraints, but they are clear enough to get the ideas across.

BuildEazy:  This highly detailed set of instructions includes not just a materials list, but also tons of pictures, design plans, and tool tips.  The peaked top design is a nice variation on the traditional arbor and the posts which are secured by concrete into the ground make this one sturdy arbor. 

Ron Hazelton’s House Calls:  Another very detailed site—only this time using video segments to dig deeper into the process.  Basic instructions are provided in text, along with pictures.  The videos are well done and provide  instruction that is especially suitable for the novice builder. 

If you have an arbor or if you build one this summer, send us a photo. We’d love to see your results and hear your stories. 

Sources:  picture

text by John Barker

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