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How to Make a Gasoline Can Caddy0

Gasoline cans are an unsightly nuisance.  Ugh!  Where’s the best place to put ‘em?

That space under the deck stairs is big enough, shaded from all but late afternoon sun, well ventilated, out of the way, and mostly hidden from sight . . .

Okay, so what’s my problem?

Gasoline cans are heavy and the thought of standing on my head and risking a hernia to reach under the stairs is not appealing.  A rolling gas can caddy will solve that problem.  Here’s a simple plan to build one!



  • Table saw
  • Hammer
  • Power Drill with 1/2″ spade bit and 7/64″ bit
  • Measure/square
  • Hack saw
  • Band saw


  • 3-1/2″ galvanized finish nails, spiral deck nails, and deck screws
  • Treated lumber:  12-foot two-by-four and 8-foot one-by-six
  • Two 6″ x 1″ wheels
  • 1/2″ steel axle
  • Two hitch pins (.093 by 1-5/8″)
  • Waterproof grease


1.  Use a table saw to cut two-by-four frame components:  two 27-1/2″ sides and two 18″ ends.  Set aside a 3-foot length for a front support.  Cut five 18 1/4″ lengths of one-by-six deck planks.

2.  Lap the long sides of the frame over the shorter pieces in a rectangle.  Secure them with galvanized finish nails

3.   Nail the one-by-six decking across the frame with spiral deck nails, allowing 1/4″ gaps between the planks for drainage and expansion.  A strip of wood keeps the gaps uniform.   The decking barely overhangs the perimeter to hide the frame but avoid interfering with the wheels.

4.   Measure/mark 3″ off the back of the frame and 1″ upward from the bottom edge and drill a 1/2″ hole through each side for the axle.  Ensure the holes are aligned and perpendicular through the wood.

5.  Tap the over-long axle through the holes with a hammer.

6.  Drill a hole through the steel axle about 1/2″ from the end to fit the purchased hitch pin.  Make a slight knick with a hack saw to help position and then drill with a 7/64″ diameter bit.

7.   Apply waterproof grease to the drilled axle end, add two large washers, slip on the wheel, and add another washer.

8.  Insert the hitch pin in the drilled hole.

9.  Position both sets of wheels and washers with the same frame clearance and mark a cut line on the long end of the axle.   Remove the second wheel temporarily and cut the axle to length with a hack saw.  Sand the cut, add grease, and replace the washers and wheel in correct order.  Drill for and insert the hitch pin for the second wheel.

10.  Position and trace a one-by-six for a notch near the bottom of the 3-foot front support so it will stand on the ground while the notch fits over the middle of the front deck plank.

11.  Cut the notch and shape the upper end of the front support into a handle using a band saw or jigsaw.  Secure the support with screws driven from inside the frame.

12.  Enjoy your now conveniently located and easy to reach gas can.

text and photos by Sandra Simmons

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