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Weed Killing Salt0

I have some health issues, and I have absolutely no problem talking about any of them.  Ask away and I’ll answer.

But one answer you won’t get from me (at least yet) is that I suffer from hypertension.

And that makes me happy because I LOVE salt.

It’s not that I’m a salt-a-holic; I’m quite selective about what foods I believe require salt. On steak and popcorn – mandatory.

And salt is  also an excellent weed killer.

Of course, you can spread salt willy-nilly amongst your plants—and probably kill all of them, which is probably not your goal.  So instead, I’d like to recommend this simple recipe for a non-toxic saltwater weed killer:

Add 1 cup of salt to 2 cups of water.  Place mixture on the stovetop and heat—but pull it off just prior to boiling.

Pour saltwater mix carefully on any weeds you wish to remove.

And if this sounds like a variant on the boiling water weed killing technique – well, it is.

Salt can also be used to kill weeds in a more surgical manner.  Just a tiny pinch of table salt is enough.  Simply place it at the base of whatever weed you wish to be rid of.

But be careful.  Too much salt will not only kill that weed, but also render the patch of earth barren for months.  No weeds, but no pretty flowers either.   The  “napalm” laying salt saturation method is most effective if you’re trying to clear a large area for a driveway or a structure of some type.

But save a pinch or two for the steak.  You’re going to want a big dinner after that kind of project is done.

photo source

text by John Barker

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