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Energy Miser0

Summer will soon be upon us, my friends.  And my A/C will be cranking as hard as possible to keep my house at a nice, chilly 80 degrees.  Yeah—80 degrees.  It’s damned hot here in Florida, and it makes me cranky.

Last season, I shared with you how much money you could save with a Black & Decker AutoSwitch.  Now, I give you:  the Energy Miser.

The Energy Miser is a product of  DCS, a subsidiary of DataComm Services LLC.  The goal of the company is to find ways to  reduce global warming and rising electrical rates.  The Energy Miser uses capacitors and cutting edge technology to capture and store wasted energy – up to 20% of a building’s typical usage.  That’s not a figure to ignore.  In my case it would be around $30 to $50 per month!

The Miser is also capable of removing  6000 pounds of carbon footprint from your building.  Another figure that’s hard to ignore.

The UL approved Energy Miser works with regular 600 Amp (or less) single phase electrical systems.  It’s small—only 6” x 6” x 4”, and it doubles as a surge protector.

All of this sounds great—but I couldn’t find any price for this item.  If that follows what I call the “Red Lobster No Price In The Commercial” rule, that means it’s gonna be pretty expensive.

Anybody out there have any further information?  Let us know!

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