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Woodman, Spare that Tree0

We have a very old maple in our yard. Its large branches have held many swings and rope ladders over the years. The leaves have provided shade on the south side of the house and years of leaf mulch for the gardens. But its days unfortunately are numbered. The great trunk is marred with deep vertical lesions showing definite signs of disease.

There is no doubt we have a sentimental attachment to this tree. But there comes a time when a sick tree becomes a liability and removing it is the most sensible plan of action.

The quickest way of dealing with this tree is tohave it cut down by a professional arborist.  Their skill and equipment will definitely be required to safely remove the tree since it towers above the side deck within an easy 12-foot reach of the house.

Poet George Pope Morris wrote a romantic tribute on this subject that was set to music and became a popular Victorian parlor song in the 1830s and ‘40s.

Woodman, spare that tree!

Touch not a sing bough!

In youth it sheltered me,

And I’ll protect it now.

We’ve been there, done that with our old tree. But after a hard winter and the thud of one dead branch after another hitting the side yard with enough force to knock one of us out, we’re singing another song called “Woodman, Fell That Tree!” and scheduling a visit with our local arborist.

photos and text by Ann D. Travers

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