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At, we cater to home improvement junkies with more than a weekend habit. We sniff out the glamour and gloom of the DIY movement and report on what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s going wrong. Get your daily fix here.

By it’s very nature, a Fix-it-Yourself website is going to have lots of projects and suggestions that can help you to improve your home. However, it also possible that in the process of fixing your home, you might hurt yourself. For that reason, please read our terms and conditions before you dive into the very deep pool of information that we have.

The FIY Team

Lisa OramLisa Oram is a freelance writer/editor who writes about everything from chemistry to condominiums. She’s not really very handy, but sees nothing wrong with wearing pearls and sparkly shades to the hardware store. You can read about her artsy-fartsy side here:

John BarkerJohn Barker’s greatest skill with a hammer is smashing his left index finger. He has been the laughing stock of many a construction crew, but he can deliver in design and grunt work, and is trainable for a banana, a beer, and pizza when the work is done. John currently contributes to and Robot Magazine.

Sandra Simmons is a freelance technical writer and tool-using home-improvement enthusiast who is also an avid reader, would-be writer of novels, fine artist and craft aficionada, great cook, and caretaker of family, horses, cats, and dogs. She tries to learn something new every day–today she discovered that her arms are not long enough to get a good photo of herself in the bathroom mirror.
Chris BrooksChris Brooks publishes several home improvement websites including and is always looking for fascinating stories on home improvement and DIY topics. He is a passionate procrastinator and believes strongly that most home improvement projects will go away if you ignore them long enough.

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