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Cactus Sinks0

Cactus Designers, a group of French freelance designers based out of Lyon, recently combined efforts with Vaskéo to create some  extraordinary sinks.


Beadboard Paneling2



I love beadboard. We’ve used it in a number of room renovations around the house including the bathroom, master bedroom and upstairs hallway. It’s a relatively quick way to cover a multitude of evils. And the end result is a nicely finished wall.


A Heart-Shaped Sink0

Everyone gets flowers and candy.  If you want to be original and really surprise your spouse/significant other for Valentine’s Day, you may want to get this:



How To Unclog a Kitchen Sink1

Nothing says I love you to the wife better than some good old fashioned housework.  (Porn for Women)

But, there’s nothing like doing the dishes, and the water stops going down the drain, and you’re stuck with a sinkful of stanky dishwater.  Just think what a hero you’ll be if you can do the dishes and fix the drain!  >> READ MORE

Tool Tip: Moisture Meter0

In the DIYer’s world, moisture is the enemy. Whether it’s spewing from a clogged drainpipe, dripping from the ceiling, or seeping through a basement foundation, water is to be contained, managed, and eliminated. A decent moisture meter is one of the early lines of defense- giving you a heads up to a percolating moisture problem before it’s too late.


How to Repair a Leaky Outdoor Faucet0

Is it just normal wear and tear when products that were installed at the same time begin to fail at the same time?  Not one but three of our 10-year old faucets began dripping incessantly this fall within weeks of each other. 

Once over the irritation of three separate repair projects, I was grateful that we are tool-handy and can repair these leaks without calling for the plumber.  Can you?  Just buy a repair kit, follow directions, and fix it yourself.


Bathroom Rug Scale0

I have quite a small bathroom.  As a result, I don’t have a scale.  As a result, I never make New Year’s Resolutions about losing weight.  Lucky me.


How to Install a Laminate Floor0

I recently tackled the job of  removing dingy, wall-to-wall carpet from a  hallway in my house.  

During the process, I considered various options for a new floor, including natural hardwood, tile, and vinyl.  Here are some of the best flooring resources I found, followed by step-by-step directions for installing the laminate I chose.


New Tile Cutter from DeWalt0

DeWALT recently announced the launch of its new 4-3/8″ Wet and Dry Hand Tile Cutter (model DWC860W) – coming out in January 2011.

This lightweight (just over 6 lbs.) tile cutter has a 10.8 AMP motor that cranks at a whopping 1,300 watts and 13,000 RPMs—which is quite a bit of power for a tool of this size.

The blade has a diamond matrix design, specially suited for cutting granite and porcelain.  A 45-degree bevel capacity allows for precise cutting with a 1-3/8″ depth of cut—which is deep enough to cut through 1-1/4″ thick countertop material. A 13’ water tube feeds water nozzles for wet cutting.  The ever-important ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) cord is also provided.  For those of you not in the know, this is essentially an emergency safety switch that keeps the user from being fried if there is an electric current leak.

The ergonomically designed handle is coated with a rubber overmold to make it comfortable during extended use.  The handle also sports a lock-on button for longer cuts and contains dust seals to reduce the chances of damage from flying dust and debris.

DeWALT projects the DWC860W will retail for around $170.  If a tile upgrade is on your to-do list this year, watch for the release of this tool later this month. 

by John Barker

Potty Putter0

Is it just me, or is this a disturbing mental image? 


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