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Interior Design

Bathroom Rug Scale0

I have quite a small bathroom.  As a result, I don’t have a scale.  As a result, I never make New Year’s Resolutions about losing weight.  Lucky me.


Best Home Improvement Blogs2

Thank you FIY readers for the speaking up about your favorite blogs!  I wasted spent a lot of time this week clicking thr0ugh your suggestions . . . and here’s how it all stacked up:

(drumroll) . . . . The blog most likely to win a $25 Home Depot gift card from Fix It Yourself is undoubtedly. . . CasaCullen!  Congratulations, Morgan, Walt and Zola Belle!  You’ve got some loyal and adoring readers!



How to Hang a Decorative Hook Set0

In my world, hooks do one of three things – ruin a golf shot, catch a fish, or have something hung on them, like a coat, a belt, or a reciprocating saw on a pegboard. Of course, my world isn’t usually the one that counts. For example, in the world of the aesthetic powers-that-be in our house, hooks also decorate. Usually, in triplicate, with flowers or something on them. Inevitably, worlds collide, and something like the following ensues.


Boyfriend Pillow0

I’ve seen a lot of strange and disturbing things in my life.  And this is one of them:


Iceberg Ice Cubes0


Well, sort’a.  Once again Fred & Friends  serves up a little bit of twisted fun—this time in the form of the  Gin & Titonic ice cube mold.


Danger Bomb Alarm Clock0

If you’re anything like me, you have a hard time waking up in the morning (in my case it’s usually 4:30 AM — gotta get up to feed 240 kids at three different schools.) I can safely say that the alarm blaring incessantly at me is the worst part of my day— except on days my van gets hit by a bulldozer, that is.

So why not wake up with a bang:


Internet Tools: How to Build a Coffee Table0

Ever since I laid eyes on the coffee table made by my very adept brother-in-law, I’ve wanted to make my own.  And while I’m a decent artist, I suck at woodwork (unless it comes in a kit – then I’m pretty good - but then again, who isn’t?).

So, maybe since I’m off work this week, maybe I’ll pull out a few hand tools, look up a few Internet tools, and go for it. 

1.  BuildEazy:  This highly detailed set of instructions includes a chart with each part of the table and the materials needed to build it, diagrams, and step-by-step instructions with pictures.  The only thing missing is the guy (or gal) to come over and build the coffee table for you.

2.  Our House:  Another site containing detailed instructions and diagrams.  A lack of photographs puts it just a tad shy of  BuildEazy—but you could do a lot worse (like if I ever make a site illustrating how to build a coffee table…).

3. Things To Build:  This multi-page instruction manual is concise and includes many illustrations and photos.  It also includes a parts list.

There ya go!  If  you have these pages, some skill, and a little luck, you’ll have a lovely table with four legs that won’t wobble. 

Me?  Mine will have  31 legs and look like this.

Have you ever built a coffee table?  If you have any tips, we’d love to hear them in the comments. 

by John Barker

Moveable Glass Walls0


When I was a kid in elementary school, sliding partitions made of vinyl acted as the walls that separated the rooms.  Teachers could combine classes easily – just  flick a lock and then push the wall to the side.


5 Ideas for Cheap Christmas Decorating2

With the economy in a state of turmoil and Christmas right around the corner, money seems to go out much faster than it comes in.

If you’ve put off your holiday decorating so you could buy gifts, don’t  despair!   There are still plenty of options out there that won’t break the bank and will help you feel at home for the holidays.


How to Make a Decorative Key Rack0

I live on a farm, and except for hours of sleep and dollars earned, “things” seem to increase with farm life— chores, pets, tools, vehicles, and keys, to name a few.   So, when our overloaded key rack fell from the wall, we decided to make another key plaque.  It might be a good project for family time over the holidays. 

Key racks are easy to make and don’t require elegant routing and high-dollar wood.  Our original rack (shown also) was a family project made decades ago entirely without power tools.  Dad shaped, sanded, stained, and varnished the plaque.  Mom carefully detailed the edge of the soft pine with a linoleum gouge, tapped in brass brads to attach a piece of copper sheeting, and punched nails holes to make a design.  Our young son helped with everything.  Today, the imperfections are viewed as character rather than errors!


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