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Cool Houses: Werner Sobek0

If I happened to be driving along the coast and saw the object in the picture above, I would swear that an alien invasion had begun.  I’d be wrong, of course . . .


Castillo Caribe0

No, the picture above is not that of a hotel lobby.  It is the living room of this:


House in the Hill0

Those of you familiar with The Lord of the Rings  (films or novels) probably hold a special place in your hearts for Hobbiton, a small town in The Shire.  I know I do.  How can you not fall in love with a town that is so ecologically in tune with the world that it builds houses inside of hills instead of on top of them?

Take a look of this video from the movie set of Hobbiton (located in New Zealand):


Jenga House0


Most of us have played Jenga.  If you’re not familiar with it, the rules are quite simple.  You start with a tower made of wooden blocks.  On each turn, a player has to remove a block from somewhere in the tower and replace it on the top of the tower.  The first person to tip the tower loses. >> READ MORE

HGTV Dream Home Giveaway0

With just a few more days to enter HGTV’s Dream Home Sweepstakes, I finally took the opportunity to watch the online video tour.

Wow!  The house is huge, with around 3,000 square feet of living space, plus something they call a “car barn,” which is a massive garage with a loft that could be built into even more living space.   


Living in a National Monument0

 The edifice you see above is La Grande Arche de la Défense in the business district of Paris, France.  The product of a design competition in 1982 (and completed in 1989), this 361-foot tall nearly perfect cube is the home of government offices on two sides.  The roof housed an exhibition center until an elevator accident in 2010, following which the area was closed to the public.


Most Expensive House in Brooklyn0

If you happen to have a spare $25 million burning a hole in your pocket,  take a look at this triplex penthouse that overlooks the Brooklyn Bridge:


Cool Homes: 7270

When it comes to a home, I think I’m like most of us: I want something that I can never have.  I want something that is not only functional, but also insanely unique, over-the-top comfortable, and just plain cool.  A home is a place where you’re going to spend most of your waking  time — so it should be something that you’re in love with, somewhere you look forward to being.   But, just to reiterate, it should be cool.

Take this home, for example; it’s sort of a combination of travel and destination:


Inside James Bond’s House0

Former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan just lowered the price of his Malibu, California home to a smooth $3,500,000 – that’s $400,000 less than the original asking price.


What does it have to offer?  A secret tunnel, or two?  An underground headquarters for submarine cars, jetpacks, and other high-tech James Bond gear such as a pen that shoots explosive darts (one of my favorites)?


Best Home Improvement Blogs of the Week0

Build Direct:  Katie from is a guest blogger this week, sharing a story about celebrating Hanukkah in Prague, including a very DIY menorah.  Happy Hanukkah to FIY readers!

makeshift menorah 300x199 Happy Hanukkah 2010 From BuildDirect!

photo via Build Direct


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