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Tag Archives: multi-tools

Quirky Switch

The Quirky Switch may very well be the ultimate multi-tool.    Before I get into how to use it, I feel it necessary to list all of the attachments offered in this little gadget: Standard Knife Pliers Scissors Nail File Tweezers Thin Flathead Screwdriver Phillips-Head Screwdriver Eyeglass Phillips-Head Screwdriver Eyeglass Flathead Screwdriver Wood Saw Serrated [...]

Leatherman Adapta-Tool

It’s hard to believe that there is yet another way to add a tool to a Leatherman®.  I mean, look at that thing!  It’s straight out of a James Bond movie.

What Would Batman Use?

I’ve come to believe that  80% of the contents of Batman’s utility belt can be found online in the form of multi-tools.  I’ve covered several of these nifty items in the past – and here’s another.  And as before . . .well, hell,  I like it.  Call me a multi-tool junkie. This is the Screwpop [...]

Which is Scarier?

I’ve been scared of chainsaws ever since I almost took off my leg while clearing some hurricane debris around my house.  It’s the kind of fear I’d like to think is totally illogical, but then again, there are those times. . . . It’s  sort of like my fear of sharks, thanks to watching Jaws so many times (and [...]

Super Shovel

Forget your Swiss Army Knife.  This shovel is all that you’ll ever need to do . . .  well, pretty much anything. Holy crap!  I wonder if it’ll tuck me into bed and give me sweet, gentle kisses at night. This is the kind of tool that guys drool over – a manly multi-tasker that can [...]

A Few Key Points

While always handy, some multi-tools are just plain bulky – which makes sense, really, when an entire toolbox is jammed into a carrying handle the size of a pocketknife. Not so with the Utili-Key.     At only 2 ¾” X ¾” X 1/8” and weighing in at just half an ounce, the Utili-Key is touted [...]

Lil’ Guppie

When I was a kid, I had a fresh water fish tank.  Goldfish, Black Mollys, and Guppies swam around the little fake treasure chest and plastic plants. But this Lil Guppie from Columbia River Knife & Tool doesn’t swim.  And if it did, it would be the sole survivor of the tank due to its incredible [...]

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